Sunday, November 27, 2011


Afton is. Obsessed. With drawing. She is literally running me out of paper. The stack pictured above represents about half a day's worth of her efforts. She likes to draw people--everyone she knows. She tries to draw smiles but once in awhile one will turn out as a frown and she'll lament, "Aww, Lydia [or whoever she's drawing] is sad."


joelb said...

training for a sweatshop animation job? btw, speaking of running out of paper, there's a blog post jen. ought to do about that problem in our house and its "ultimate solution".

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Ah, I should have seen this before Miss Afton came to visit today. I could have supplied her with some paper---to take home.

I love her "face" drawings, and I'd say they are mighty good for a almost-three year old. :) ):

Jenica said...

Which solution... asking for scrap paper donations from relatives, or clearing out the paper room (boxes and boxes of paper) when relatives close their businesses? Both produce lots of paper :)
Too bad Afton and Hale are so far away. Hale spend so much time drawing. I'm sure they would have fun.