Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventure awaits

The other day Scott called me from work mid-morning with urgency in his voice.

This is unusual.

He explained he'd been thinking about the kids lately. They are now 12, 10, 7, 5 and 3. The next few years are prime--especially for the older kids--they'll always remember them. We need to do things, have fun and exceptional adventures. They don't always have to be grand or expensive, but they ought to be special. We need to fill them with happy memories centered around being together as a family. We need to record and photograph and document these things to help them remember. They're going to keep getting older and could turn into surly teenagers who don't think being with their family is awesome. These are the golden years. They still think we're cool and they like us. Now is the time to fill their tanks.

A phone call like this is one of the best reasons I love Scott.

He said he'd meant to expound all of this the night before but had forgotten. When he remembered, he called right away because he didn't want to forget again. I am under charge to remind him of this conversation any time an adventure just seems more like a hassle.

That's why we're driving to California and back for our family reunion this summer. There's fun to be had along the way.

{image: a carefree college-aged newlywed impresses his young wife by jumping over cars}


The Borden Family said...

We've made it to Texas and back last year...and that actually wasn't too bad. But, California? Oh are bound to have an adventure!

joelb said...

so you're going to take the kids car-jumping, eh?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Oh, my, that will be an adventure and yes, one the kids will never forget---whether it's the "mishaps" along the way, or the "awesome" experiences. (You do remember our van breaking down during some of our “adventures,” right? ) It’s all good.

Tell us me more about the car-jumping. I’ve never seen that picture.

PS ~ Joel---you're so funny. :) :)

Jeanne said...

Ah-heh, I hope we can be a pit stop along the way. :)

tiff said...

Thanks for this. It totally prompted a whole discussion with Jake.

You guys are great!