Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kids: the update

Emma is so awesome, she's the best babysitter ever. She gets the kids to bed right on time, then busies herself cleaning up the whole downstairs to a glistening, sparkling perfection. You know the pan that I always wait till the next day to scrub? She does it before we even get home that night. Class act.

Ben wants to start a book club with some friends from school. I'm a big fan of the finer things, so I'm all for it--to the point of hosting the inaugural meeting and making some cookies to go with it. I'm cool like that.

Josh is full of love. SO MUCH LOVE. If love were money he could single-handedly wipe out the national debt. He has begun the habit of wanting to scratch my back at church. How can I say no? It makes him happy.

Lydia has recently turned that corner where she is suddenly reading like crazy. I love it. I'll sit and listen to her read Geronimo Stilton and I don't understand how she knows all those words. Something clicked--click!--and she gets it. She gets words. I'm so excited.

Afton makes me laugh, she's a total goofball. Plus she's melodramatic, which is hilarious. Case in point: the other day she came into the kitchen with her little arms folded, face pouty, making a fake whimpering noise. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Nobody doesn't like me no more." Most of her siblings were within earshot and quickly chorused in with, "I like you Afton" which she completely ignored while continuing to whimper. It reminded me of this gem:


Laura said...

Your kiddos=awesome.

joelb said...

thanks for the update and thanks for doing your part to pimp the Mouse.

tiff said...

Geronimo Stilton....I've read the first chapter of "Curse of the Cheese Pyramid" about a million times in my volunteering with the 3rd grade (paired reading). I actually think the name is so cool. Geronimo....

Unrelated--have you seen Geronimo Balloons?

I'm jealous that your son want to start a book club. I would so be all over that!

I also think it would be awesome if they wanted to do a Milk & Bookies party for a birthday, but I might just have to do it myself this year.... :)