Sunday, November 24, 2013

Basketball season prep...

The four oldest are all signed up for basketball this winter. Woo! That's a lot of basketball. It's not even a sport most of them have been particularly into in the past, but there has been a surge of enthusiasm here lately, and you know, it's kind of a life skill. So we decided to go for it. Practices start this week.

Some new gear was in order--the right size balls, some new shoes--and here's where Scott had a stroke of pure genius. They would earn these things by preparing for the season: two cents for every basket made and a set amount for half an hour of dribbling as well. I love it, they are outside every day as soon as homework and chores are done, working hard toward the thousands of goals they'll need. And here's where Scott was diabolically brilliant. Emma, Ben and Josh all use the same size ball, but he only got them two. So they are compelled to fight for rebounds and try to steal it away from each other and equally determined to protect it from being stolen. We've told them they have to follow the rules (no traveling, double dribbling, or fouls) and be nice (so far, so good), and hopefully they are getting some good muscle memory developed.


joelb said...

this will give them a good story to tell when they're grandparents (or professional basketball players).

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I see the beginnings of something GREAT!! :)

And yes, Joel, I can just hear them telling their grandkids what their parents made them do to prepare to play BB.