Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love dressing up. I just do. Love helping the kids dress up too. We decided quite some time ago that our family theme for the trunk-or-treat was going to be puns. This was mostly for the benefit of Scott Hates-Dressing-Up Cruze. He was a great sport last year, so this year I promised him something easy. And that was a very nice thing about this year's costumes. Way easy. Very little time involved and only the cost of some posterboard and felt.

Scott = quarter back (he had a printed picture of a quarter taped to his back)
Emma = smarty pants (hard to see in this photo...sorry!)
Lydia and Afton = pigs in a blanket
Ben = candy (w)rapper
Josh = chick magnet
Lori = cereal (serial) killer

It was a lot of fun to walk around and have people try to figure them all out. They were mostly pretty easy, but Ben and I gave a lot of people trouble.

I didn't take any photos of Halloween night costumes, we were too busy coordinating everyone's plans. But for posterity: Ben was the only one who wore the same thing. Afton was a princess, Lydia was a pirate, Josh was Yoda, and Emma was an M&M. Everything came out of the dress-up box--nice! This was the easiest Halloween yet, I think. We'll have to get complicated next year.


Russ Barber said...

What a cute, cute family!! And I love your puns. I can see those "smarties" on Emma's pants. Clever! :) All of them.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I don't know what the problem is, but the ABOVE comment is mine. Not Russ's. I'll see if this time it will identify this comment as mine. :) Dad would never use a smiley face. :)