Friday, April 25, 2014

A good day for baseball

Josh's grade took a field trip to Smokys Stadium, and I went right along with him because that's what cool moms do. The weather was ideal, the hot dog lunch was free, and Josh brought his glove just in case (a foul was hit into the next section over right in the middle of a sea of 4th graders, holy cow, that was scary, but none came our way). We sat with two of his besties Seth and Noah, who had their gloves with them too. I had to leave a bit early to pick up Afton from preschool and asked Josh if he wanted to stay and ride back on the buses with his friends or come on along with me. He chose me, because that's what cool kids do.

Wearing Scott's high school baseball cap.

Not noticing the odd-looking lone hair blowing in front of my nose.

On the way out we walked by some cop cars in the parking lot, and I thought this would be a hilarious shot.

Apparently I thought it was hilarious two year ago when I came on the same field trip with Ben too.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Your are a very COOL Mom and I've learned you are also hilarious in your photo shooting. :)

Love you and always have thought you have a great sense of humor --saying clever things that always make me laugh. I laughed again, as I saw Ben with the police car -- apparently your "funny" ideas go on forever. :)


julie said...

that is too funny that you did the same shot 2 years ago!

joelb said...

jeez, didn't anyone ever tell you never to touch a cop car -- that's just asking to be tased.