Monday, April 21, 2014

I didn't take any photos on Easter Sunday, BUT...

...I did take a whole heck of a lot two days before that.

So I figured that counts as the kids' photographic harassment for the weekend.

I had never been to the UT botanical gardens before, neither had the kids, but I'd heard they're beautiful so off we went to check it out and get some nice spring shots.

The rumors were true, it was very beautiful. The thing no one ever mentions though is that it was totally fun too. We ended up staying there twice as long as I thought we would because the kids were having such a great time jumping on rocks, climbing on the rusty old truck, checking out the koi pond, hunting four leaf clovers, and finally it was me saying okay we need to move on because we were headed to Nashville that afternoon.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Oh, my oh my!!! What a fantastic group of photos!! You are fantastic, Lori! I love them all so much. With some of them, I could see them being a CD cover for a famous singing group. :) Could you turn these five cuties into a singing group -- you know -- just so you could use one of these as their album cover?

Or any one of these would make a great Christmas card. :)

The Fishers said...

You're going to put me out of business!!! ;) These are gorgeous.

julie said...

wow, wow, wow!!! Awesome! I do think you have your Christmas card; check that off your list.