Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of school year festivities

Going back to May again, here are some of the end-of-school year highlights...

Last day of preschool. Ever. EVER. We love Ms. Wendy!

Ben went to a regional math competition at Pellissippi State (he did not get mathiness from either me or Scott). About 5-6 kids from each grade at the middle school were invited.

Elementary School Field Days. It was rainy and muddy, so for the first time in our Rocky Hill years we had field day in the gym. It was loud, but worked out fine.

End of season soccer party. Lydia was recognized for her speediness. (Somehow her goofiness was overlooked at certificate making time.)

Emma was one of three students to get 100% in Tech Class, so she got another award to add to her collection.

And then there were the performances. Orchestra, dance, and gymnastics. Here are the highlights for the grandparents.

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