Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Catchall

Backing up a bit, here's what else went on last month.

Tennis Four Square

Reading The Count of Monte Cristo for school.

The King of Reading-Over-Someone's-Shoulder

Hard at work on Clash of Clans

Stitches! Afton had a little run-in with the coffee table at a friend's house. Five stitches. We were greatly blessed to be able to take her to another friend's house to get them in, instead of the hospital.

Dance and gymnastics recital! Cute, cute girls did a great job.

Making a huge batch of waffles for dinner, being sure not to neglect her phone in the process.

Julie and I took Claire and Afton to pick strawberries. I had visions of freezer jam, but that full basket lasted less than 24 hours.

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