Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Boo. Another awesome summer came to an end, and our hearts still ache a little when we think about it too much. All five of these incredible kids are in school this year. Emma's a freshman in high school, Ben's in 7th, Josh 5th, Lydia 3rd, and Afton started kindergarten. TOO OLD. Knock it off already guys.

Emma admits that high school is pretty cool, and she likes her classes and her friends, but she hates her homework. Fair enough.

Ben is back in the middle school groove, all of his classes are packed with friends, and he's deciding right now whether or not to try to test into taking algebra this year.

Josh loves being a safety patrol this year, a position of authority suits him well, and so far I don't think he's abusing his power.

Lydia continues to scatter sunshine everywhere she goes. She does a great job of looking out for Afton first thing in the morning and in the afternoon getting on the bus.

Afton is thriving in kindergarten as we knew she would. One day she was a little under the weather, kind of borderline sick so I kept her home and she cried because she couldn't go to school.

Here's what they looked like on the first day...

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joelb said...

this is an almost frightening display of raw enthusiasm. am i looking at a back to school photo or a Dr. Pepper commerical?