Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Catchall

School's been in session for three weeks now. We miss the summer. Here are some of the things we did that never got blogged about. (Next post: first day of school pics.)

On Memorial Day Josh's cub scout pack helped to put flags by all of the graves in the veteran cemetery.

Lydia really took an interest in baking and cooking. She started asking to make dinner regularly, and here she is making snickerdoodles. She made them about 90% all by herself. I just softened the butter for her and reminded her to read the directions a little more carefully a few times.

Ben was tasked with changing out the running boards on the Jeep. He did a great job of completing the work that was out of his normal comfort zone.

We went to Jumpjam a lot of times.

Someone left a mysterious message in the butter.

Trey got home from his two year mission to Australia. We were all pretty excited.

We instituted the reaping. Whenever you leave your mess out somewhere your name goes in a jar. At the end of the week two names are drawn, and those two have to clean the bathrooms (the most-hated chore). It quickly became clear who had the biggest problem cleaning up after themselves.

Emma and I went to Girls Camp and it was awesome. As usual. I was one of the leaders over the 4th years and I was skeert of rappelling.

One magical Sunday Dani and Jake brought their instruments over and the four oldest cousins jammed together.

Ben showed an interest in making dinner as well. Here he is making risotto.

Emma went to freshman orientation on the last day of summer. She was lucky enough to get in a sweet class full of boys. She's also lucky enough to have a hashtagging mom.


Brianna Fisher said...

HA! I am dying over your text conversation!!!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What a great summer!! I'm laughing not only over the text conversation, but also over the messiest child in your family. Afton should be really good at cleaning bathrooms by now. :)

julie said...

LOVE the convo!!