Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Books

I read far fewer books than usual this year--only 17. Not sure what happened, but I'm okay with it (I have a sneaking suspicion I forgot one or two as well).

Three of these were Emma's summer reading books, a few were others my kids were reading, several were book club selections, and a couple I picked up after seeing my cousins like them on goodreads. Three books were repeats, which is unusual (two I knew it, the other I completely forgot I'd already read till I was a third of the way into it). As usual there were winners, losers, and meh-ers.

Biggest letdown: Cleaning House (looked so good, ended up so lame)
Winner: A Tale of Two Cities (only the second Dickens book I've read, so subtlety funny at the beginning, so chilling once it got going, such a masterfully woven plot, I loved it. I need to pick up more of his collection, it takes a little more work to read him than others, but the payoff is worth it)

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