Thursday, January 8, 2015

Halloween 2014: The Circus

It's always a circus around here, so why not dress like it?

RingMaster, Clown, Tightrope Walker, Strong Man, Cheetah, Tiger Cheetah/Tiger Tamer

You know what I've realized over the years of costuming this family? My favorite costumes are more curated/made than bought. It's more fun and satisfying to piece together odds and ends and leftovers to create a character than it is to go buy a one-piece nylon deal. Plus it's way cheaper, and I've always liked that. So we dressed Josh all in orange, added some black stripes to his back and painted his face, and reused Scott's old Seneca Crane vest, and added some face paint to Afton's pajamas and called it good. The only thing I bought this year was a piece of fabric to make Ben's animal skin toga thing. Score! I'm thankful that everyone has fully embraced the family theme, it's a given now. Good kids, good husband. Thanks guys.

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Such a cute circus family! Such a clever Mom! What good sports the kids are for going with a family theme each year. Hooray for the Cruze circus family!