Friday, November 20, 2015

Hold up, totally skipped swim team

With all of that traveling this summer, I forgot to mention when we weren't on the road we were at the pool. Four out of five Cruze kids were on the swim team summer 2015. It wasn't as poetic as last year, but still definitely worth spending a post reminiscing over. Ben, Josh, and Lydia were all old pros. Blue ribbons and PRs all over the place. Afton began the summer at about the same skill level where Lydia was at the beginning of last year. Afton did not have the same huge fear to overcome, she was pretty comfortable in the water, just hadn't ever mastered getting around very well. I'll admit, I was basically assuming Afton would have the same incredible breakthrough that we saw Lydia experience the summer before, but hers was more of a slowly but surely type of improvement. There was one time when Afton made it all the way across without stopping, but most meets she swam at...a very leisurely pace (highly assisted by frequent breaks to hang onto the wall or the lane rope). But what counts is she did improve, and what's more, she really loved it. She had a great time getting to swim every day and had fun with all of her friends. Like every year I had moments where I thought this would be the last time, I didn't want our summer days to be so busy, but then I looked around and saw the incredible vehicle for growth (physical, emotional, social) that swim team is and decided it wasn't so bad after all. Go Tidal Waves!

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