Friday, November 20, 2015

Random photos, trying to catch up here

There is nothing particularly special about this collection, nothing that even binds them together. I just want them here for posterity, but lack the motivation to do a full witty write up for each one. So here you have it, odds and ends from the summer and fall with nowhere else to go.

Right after school got out for the summer, Scott, Emma, Ben and I ran a 10k together. The Expo 10,000, billed as the oldest race in Knoxville, is one that I remember Joel running when he was a young teen. It was a lot of fun, and I was so proud of those kids! I ran a good time for me, but everyone in this crew beat me! I'm okay with that.

Then right after that Josh went on the 5th grade safety patrol trip to Washington D.C. He had a great time with some of his very best buds, I'm really glad he was able to go!

Emma has been very into all things outdoorsy lately. It was great timing for her 4th year of Girls Camp, where they get to go on a 10 mile backpacking overnighter. She loved every single thing about it. 

Loved it so much in fact, that Scott took her backpacking again the very next weekend with a friend and her dad. She would do it every weekend if she could I think.

Always the reader. This is how Josh spent a lot of his time when it wasn't his turn for swim practice.

Asleep at Grandma's house.

In 2013 I gave Scott scuba diving lessons for his birthday. We took the intro class, then it got cold, then we got busy with life and put it right on the back burner. Time passed and a year and a half later we finally finished our certification! This is us holding hands 30 feet down. I don't think I'll ever feel tempted to go any deeper, it scares me just a bit.

One day in August I checked Lydia and Afton out of school early to go check out this bluff with the sisters and Allie. We may or may not have done a little bit of trespassing to get here.

Scott's dad was released after serving 9 years as the Stake President in the Knoxville Cumberland Stake, and we drove on over to their stake conference to share in the event. Josh became the happiest boy alive, being right in the middle of a grandmother sandwich.

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