Friday, March 18, 2016

American Ninja Husband: he's 40

Scott turned 40 last year. Quite the milestone, but I'm happy to report he still seems like a spry young 20-something in attitude, good looks, and athletic prowess. Here's a perfect example: my gift to him was a day at an American Ninja Warrior training facility down in Atlanta. Since he knows a guy that also turned 40 the same day, I talked to Cally and she gave Conan the same gift. The two of them had a great day of head to head competition with salamander ladders, warp walls, and the like. I requested lots of pictures and footage. He did and it's all awesome. Unfortunately, blogger is a real stinker when it comes to video footage. So I'll leave it with, Scott did awesome. He nailed all of the feats of strength and as I watched all the videos, I felt so glad he's my husband. If he decided to dedicate some time to it, I have no doubt he'd been prime for the show. Here's a picture with their trainer.

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