Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ragnar 2015

Catching up months later is totally fun to do.

The weekend before Halloween was Scott's and my fifth Ragnar. Woo boy, that's a lot of Ragnars!

The majority of our team from the past few years had moved away over the summer, so we were pretty bummed about that. Luckily, the Picketts were still in (and we found out later that Erin was pregnant for the race, little stinker didn't even tell us!), and of course Emma was all in. The happy outcome of sadly missing everyone else was that the Farragut team was in a similar predicament, so we joined forces and I got to run with Lisa again! Extra bonus: Ben got Ragnar as his birthday gift this year! He was a very speedy addition! It was great to have both Emma and Ben running with us.

I've put off blogging about it for so long because I STILL haven't made the highlight video. I let it go too long, and now it's hard to get motivated. I finally decided to go ahead and post some pictures, maybe that will get me going.

Here we go Ragnar!


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