Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ben's Birthday Party

I have a bad habit. I'm full of good intentions that don't always (almost never) make it to fruition. My intention was to have a nice, well-planned, themed birthday party for Ben (who turned 6 at the end of October) with all of his buddies from school and church and his cousins sometime very close to his actual birthday. Because I'm a cool mom. His birthday came and went amind a flurry of last soccer games of the season, end of season soccer parties and major house cleaning/minor renovations. I felt less and less cool as I kept giving probable dates that we would have his party and those dates kept not working out. And I still didn't have an actual plan. Finally, one Thursday we decided enough was enough and we would just throw one together. So phone calls were made (no time for actual cute invitations) to let a few guests know we'd be having his party at a nearby park that Saturday. All in all though, it turned out to be a pretty fun party. It was great weather, the kids loved playing on the playground, and I had last minute inspiration to make it a letterboxing party (thank you, Design Mom). I had made each kid their own little notebook (patterned after this one) with their name on it. After some time just playing around we ate cupcakes, made our own stamps out of craft foam and hunted down the letterbox to trade stamps with it.
Next year! His party is going to be really'll see.

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The Shafer Family said...

It sounds like it was a hit to me! Anything with cake has my name all over it.