Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

So these pictures aren't particularly Thanksgivingy, but they are the cutest ones from the big day. Just imagine a big turkey somewhere in the background. We had such a great Thanksgiving...I thought I'd never be hungry again. The day started with Scott getting muddy at the Turkey-Bowl and me joining the girls for a pre-emptive workout at the gym. Once we met up back home we got every one gussied up, made our side dishes and headed over to the Compound for the lunch feast with Grandma and Grandpa Cruze. Eldon and Mandy, Rachel and Terry and Austin were all there, too. We ate and ate and had dessert and the kids played all over the place. We watched some football on tv and had a good time visiting with everyone. Next we went straight to Grammy and Grandpa Barber's house for the dinner feast, with the Langfords and Sextons. Amazingly, we had left enough room for more and more eating and desserts. The kids had a talent show (Ben and Josh: a Sponge Bob and Patrick routine, Emma: piano, Lydia: saying "no"), then we put them all to bed and played some games and talked.
Side note: you'll notice the animals being lovingly held by the three big kids. These are their new Webkinz. All three have been talking about these things and wishing for them for months and months now. Wednesday night (before T-giving) we were on an outing to the mall. The kids had all brought their money with them hoping we'd be able to find some and sure enough, there they were. A kiosk had exactly the right animal for each of them that they'd been hoping for. Emma: husky dog, or "wolf" as she prefers to call it named Lucy. Ben: lion named Lion then later changed to Aslund (sp?). Josh: hippo named Blue. Those kids have not been so happy about something for a long time. All Wed. evening they were hugging their animals and smiling non-stop. They have barely put them down. It's been fun.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Now that they all have their own Webkinz I guess you will be needing 3 more computers.

I am thinking that maybe those Christmas purchases weren't the smartest, now that I am thinking about the possible computer issue.

Let me know if it is totally crazy and maybe I will hold off on three at once and give them one each for their birthdays next year. Sophia got a webkin for her birthday and it seemed to wear off in about one week.

Cruze said...

Alice, it hasn't been too bad. I usually give them 1/2 hour each, and every day we rotate whose turn it is to go first, second and third. And yes, the newness is wearing off already...they haven't even asked to get on the computer the last couple of days.

The Shafer Family said...

Pre-emptive Thanksgiving workout! I'm inspired.