Saturday, November 3, 2007


It was bound to happen sooner or later. I've been tagged by Alice. I think many of my blogging associates have already played this game, but I will tag them here nonetheless and they can feel free to decline the tag if they've already done it. So Callie, Cally, Ryan, Mandy, Katie, Alyssa, and Jenny....TAG!

"Here are the rules which must be posted on your blog if you are tagged.1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs."

My Seven Facts:

1. I like to try to give a really strong, firm handshake to make up for my small size and quiet voice when I meet people. My goal is to seem dominant.

2. I have an uncanny ability to remember very unimportant long-ago events in excruiating detail. For example, the time when I was 7 or 8 and David was talking on the phone to Lisa as she was working on a diorama for school and was putting some moss in it she had gathered from outside. I talked to David for a minute too and he had me write a sign that said, "Only Weirdos Collect Moss" and put it on her door. Can you believe neither one of them remembers that? And yet I am constantly forgetting more relevant, present-day when I've signed up to bring the snacks for nursery.

3. I can curl my tongue into a three-leaf clover shape.

4. I love playing games. It's probably my favorite thing to do with friends or family members. I like really strategic cerebral games and also ones that just make everyone laugh really hard.

5. My favorite way to listen to really good music is in the car. I like to turn it up, sing along and cruise around. When Brad and I were both in high school and rode around together a lot, we were rocking out constantly. We never talked, we always just cranked up the tunes. Any song where two people sang different lines, we would sing the different parts without discussion. Before having kids, Scott and I would sing together all the time too. And we still do, just not as much. I don't feel inclined to jam behind the wheel quite so often anymore, these days I would rather talk to Scott or the kids (and I don't want to hurt the wee ones' ears). But now and then we still crank it up...if Scott and I are alone on a date, or even with all the kids. They're cool kids, they like most of the good music that we do. They like to rock. I guess the point is, I don't need loud music every time I'm in the car (like in my youth)...but to really enjoy the best music, there's nothing like it.

6. I'm allergic to pretty much everything. When I was younger I went to an allergist and I tested positive for 90+ allergens...every single thing I was tested for. Even cockroaches. I got allergy shots for several years and it made a huge difference. Ah-choo.

7. I still look forward to getting older. I wonder when this will reverse.

Ugh, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be. If I think of anything that makes me seem really cool I'll add it on later.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

This was great. I especially like #1 about the handshake. I immediately thought about shaking your hand and that, yes, you do try to overcompensate for your small size...he he Good one!