Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Christmas China Dinner

A recently-added Cruze Christmas tradition is to have dinner at Scott's parents' house some weekend in December. This is a dinner with no kids invited. Kay does all the cooking and we eat on her very special Christmas china. This is my dessert plate with the remains of some red velvet cake:
After dinner we played a Christmas trivia game. Scott and I won. There was an award. A really, really good award. A major award.
Scott took it to work for his desk, that seemed like the best place for it, but next year I think we may need to put it in our front window for the month of December.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Yead for the BYU grads who are so good at winning trivia games! AND you gotta rub it in just a little or you wouldn't be doing your alma matter proud, right?

What a fun tradition. I didn't know that you guys did that. How fun!