Monday, December 17, 2007

Design Mom dream come true!

Wowza! Check out the comment on the previous post right down there. That's right, the Design Mom, Gabrielle herself left a comment on my blog. And as if that's not cool enough, she was letting me know I WON A DESIGNMOM GIVEAWAY! I have entered more of those things than I can count. And here's the funny part, it was for a giveaway all the way back in November. She had a big week when she was giving away cool stuff left and right and I entered almost all of them. And every day I very carefully checked her list of the winners hoping to see my name and I never did. But I should have. Because it was there. Right there. How did I miss somthing so fun and exciting?? I won a brand spanking new super cute baby book of Design Mom worthy smartness. The only problem is I have so many pregnant friends, how do I choose who to give it to? Maybe I'll have to hang onto it for #5 someday.
I have to go now to call Cally and brag...

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Ahhhh Man....Lori, what am I gonna do just took away any hope I ever had of becoming a famous blogger!!!....Look at you, a master of the blogging world....I have never even heard of this design mom girl, but she commented on YOUR blog...I guess that could make me famous by association, right?