Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Homemade Christmas

This year nearly all of our gifts exchanged with Cruzes (and a couple with the Barbers) were homemade. This was a very fun idea that we hope to repeat at least some of the time in the future. I made Kay a little set of coasters (tutorial here), and Eldon some hot chocolate mix (with tiny bits of Andes mints in it...mmmmmm, minty). The bottom picture is Cally and me, with me sporting the apron she made me which is stitched with the words, "I hate warm fruit". (It's true, I hate any dessert that involves warming up any fruit.) I didn't take pictures of every gift we made, though I kind of wish I had. The one that I am especially lamenting not having to share a photo of is the walking stick that Scott made for Terry. It looked so great and had a cool spot at the very top that could hold a glow stick which would shine through carved out openings. It was way cool.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

good work lori. we did the homemade thing one year and it was a one is as talented in our family...or no one took the time. I love what you guys came up with.