Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter Egg Hunt (yesterday as well)

Not only was it St. Patrick's Day yesterday, but it was also the annual Grammy and Grandpa egg hunt. Josh's birthday is next week, so we decided to tie in his birthday celebration to the egg hunt as well. Big day.
The bad news is that Josh missed the whole thing. Sometime that afternoon he started feeling kind of droopy and running a fever, so Scott stayed home with him. This is how he looked when I left with the other three kids.
He was sad to miss out, but really too lousy feeling to care all that much. Luckily there's still the church egg hunt and Cruze egg hunt this Saturday he'll get to do. Here's what all the healthy TN cousins looked like right before the hunt began.

Here's what the Cruze kids looked like mid-hunt.

After all of the eggs had been found (besides the few that will be discovered in late spring by the lawn mower), the cousins all gathered on the driveway to size up their bounty. I love this part. It's just like checking out all your candy after trick-or-treating. G&G fill their eggs with candy and money. Mostly change, but each kid also got to find an egg with an X on it that contained a dollar bill. Ben hunted $8.85, Emma $11.85, and Josh $10.15 (Lydia, Grandpa and I worked on Josh's basket and he got to sort through the eggs this morning).Lydia did not concern herself with such trivial matters as money. She was too busy saying "wheee" as she slid down the slides and trying to figure out how to get on the swings.

Grammy had made a cake for Josh, which she thoughtfully sent home for him and Grandpa replaced it with one from Ingles so the cake-expecting cousins wouldn't be disappointed.By the time I got home with the healthy three kids and put them to bed, Josh had woken up (he'd been dozing most of the evening) and said "If I eat that whole cake I'm sure I'll feel better!" with his first smile of the last half of the day. How could we resist?He got one piece and opened his gifts sent home from the Langfords and Sextons before going back to bed. We maybe shouldn't have let him have cake on a dinner-less stomach because he threw it all up just after midnight. Tis better to have loved and lost, right? Happy egg hunting everybody!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Happy Birthday Josh...Wow, your mom and dad really fork over the cash for Easter...can I come next year?