Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More classroom fun...

Emma and Ben's school is having a spring fundraiser. Parents can buy tickets to go to a night at Regas (one of our fancy-pantsiest restaurants around K-town) where they'll be able to eat "heavy appetizers" and bid on some unique artwork. Each one of the classes in the school was given a big old 3x3 foot canvas. Then it was up to the wonderfully creative talents of some of the best looking room moms to come up with a way for the class to collectively paint on them. On Regas-night they'll be auctioned off so we can "continue upgrading our technology and training our teachers" (so I'm told). Ben's class (which I was not in charge of) each painted suns, I haven't seen it yet, but it sounded cute. I got to do Emma's class and though more time-consuming than i thought it would be it was a lot of fun to work on with the kids. I gave the kids three choices to vote on for what our theme should be and the winner was "Murray Street". Mr. Murray is the teacher, so on his street all the kids painted what building they thought should go there. A lot of them did houses, two did construction sites. We had a Blockbuster, a school, a firehouse, a football stadium, a candy shop, a soda shop, a hair salon, a college, and five pet shops (which really annoyed Emma, the painter of the first one). Anyway, hopefully it will sell for big bucks so our technology can get its grade up.
For more fun with big canvases read what Cally did with some at her house.

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