Monday, March 24, 2008

The last of all the Easter photos you can stand

Saturday morning was the church egg hunt which went great. Here's a token shot of Lydia in action.
Then we headed up to the Compound for our Cruze Easter lunch and hunt. We lucked out with a gorgeous warm and sunny day (as opposed which we've gotten some flurries) so we had lunch outside on the picnic tables. We split the cousins into two age groups and hid the younger kids' eggs in the front yard and Rachel and Terry hid the older kids' eggs in the woods. They made it challenging and it was kind of fun to watch the kids have to really hunt to find them.
Cally's sister Corrie was there with her family too, so it was a multi-cousined event.
Big kids on the fence:
Josh after feasting on fresh blackberries (picked and eaten with his dirty, dirty hands):

Then came Easter Sunday. I wanted to get a good shot of the kids looking their spiffiest before church, but we just didn't have time and the background was very messy anyway. So here's the only shot I got of Lydia (Queen of not holding still or looking or smiling when you want her was really a lost cause from the begining...although I think her hands under her chin are pretty darn cute).

And the big three, who were more cooperative, but less in focus than I would have liked.

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