Sunday, January 16, 2011

The end of an era

What's that next to the trash can, you ask?
Oh nothing. Just an eleven-year-old crib mattress.
The one that's held Emma, Ben, Josh, Lydia and Afton.
And now it's done.
Eleven years of bearing tiny newborns who barely take up a corner, rowdy toddlers who jump and climb, and every disgrace imaginable involving bodily fluids.
The mattress has been sporting rips and shreds for some time now, and moves on to a new life at the dump.
The crib however, was given a more respectful retirement. It has managed to stand up quite well to all the abuse five kids had to offer it.  It is presently disassembled and in the attic, ready for a long hibernation until grandbaby Cruzes have need of it.
. . . . .
Hey look, someone put my baby in a big-girl bed.


Jessica said...

Sad. :( I remember when we sold the Stoner baby crib at our moving-across-the-country garage sale before leaving Oregon. It had Lauren's tooth marks on it and everything. At least Afton looks perfectly relaxed and content.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

A tear started in the corner of my eye and then your sense of humor stopped it mid-way down my cheek.

Sweet Afton -- it like she's telling you she doesn't need that big bed; she only needs "half" the bed. Or her toes are just used to sicking out the end of the old crib. :)

If they only wouldn't grow up so fast! Sigh.

Laura said...

That is awesome that mattress lasted through all the Cruze babies!!! What a cutie pie. Eliza is honored to have any of the Cruze hand-me-downs. :) Thanks for all you do for us. It blows my mind how fast they grow. I mean I had heard that before but I didn't understand it! Crazy!!!

joelb said...

wow, look how proud and unbent it stands there facing oblivion.

Troy said...

Very cute, but more to the point, I see you are stealing my blog post titles again. You will be hearing soon from my lawyers.

Jeanne said...

Aaaah. We're seeing similar things over here. We thought we'd keep our crib too, but my nephew & his wife needed a crib. And so it goes. Hug them once and then hug them again-because then they are grown.