Monday, January 3, 2011

What should I call this post?

"Best Christmas gift ever"?
"I know it's just a thing, but it makes me so happy"?
"I love this so much I want to cry"?
"Scott never ceases to amaze me"?

On an agreed upon No Gifts year, my husband went and got me exactly the family tree art that I've had bookmarked under "Someday" for about two years now. Six generations, seven if you count our kids there at the roots. Leaves showing where everyone is from. From Tennessee to Wales. Iowa to England. Utah to Scotland. Beauty. Heritage. Photos do no justice. Thanks, Love.

Edit: he got it here.


The Fishers said...

Wow! I love it! Did he make it or did he buy it from somewhere?

Jessica said...

It certainly caught my attention! That is a wonderful and timeless Christmas gift. And just by the way... we're related to the Knights too. I wonder if the lines connect somewhere!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I lovee...does someone paint these buy hand? We need details.

joelb said...

can you please link to the vendor? thanks.

Laura said...

oh how beautiful!!! good job scott!!!

joelb said...

thanks for the update.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Well, I almost didn't comment, but I can't resist. We feel just as spoiled as Lori. We also received one of these fantastic family trees for Christmas from the Langfords. Ours is five generations instead of six, and a little smaller, but we are also over the top with excitement, and so happy for Lori, too!!! Way to pull one off, Scott!

And it's our understanding that the Langfords and Scott had no idea what the other was doing until the sales person asked about the almost "identical" one side of the family from the two orders.