Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After and Before and After

A couple of Saturdays ago we cleaned out the garage. For real. It's never been so clean. Of course, I didn't think to take a before shot, only the after. But if you've been over to our house in the past few years, you are no doubt familiar with the normal mountain of shoes you have to risk twisting an ankle to cross over before coming inside through the garage. We don't keep any of our shoes in closets inside (because we just never wear them inside). We had an old bookcase that was supposed to help keep the shoes organized and tidy, but it never worked like it should. Too many shoes. This big garage clean-up included the purchase of some sweet baskets that now hang on one wall. Each person in the family has their own basket for keeping all of their shoes, plus one extra for everyone's work shoes (so they're easy to find when we're working on the fort). We are currently two full weeks into our new system and so far every shoe has been put away where it belongs every time. Amazing.

Top: Lori, Scott, shelf for the shoes I don't want smashed, misc
Middle: Emma, Work shoes, sports stuff, sports stuff
Bottom: Afton, Lydia, Josh, Ben

Then I was feeling all organizey and decided my sewing nook had been neglected just about long enough. The bonus room has two dormers, I claimed one of them long ago in the name of sewing. One day I plan to move this operation out of the cramped space and take over a whole third of the bonus room, but that will have to wait until all members of this family are trustworthy around scissors and needles and fabric and paint.
I did think to take befores this time. From this angle it doesn't look so bad...

...but check out the floor:

I cleaned up and painted the former shoe-wrangling book case from the garage and put it to work keeping all my sewing and crafty gear in order.

Why yes, yes there is a carpet in here.
Thanks for noticing.


lisa said...

wow, very nice Lori. Although that shot of your sewing nook looks a little like it could be on a hoarder show....(:

Allen said...

I wanna know who in your family can reach the watering cans?? A family pyramid perhaps?

julie said...

ohhh, I love a good clean up/organizing!!! Good job! Do you want to come over and help me tackle Claire's closet??

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Allen, the same person who reaches those high heeled shoes right next to the watering cans. But perhaps she's on Scott's shoulders. :)

Don't you just love the feeling of something all clean and put in order?! Can't wait to see it all in person. The pix look GREAT!

PS ~ I'm amazed that those beautiful "Amme&Neb" products were produced in that "before" sewing room.

Laura said...

Love it. Now head on over to my garage!

Also... If those are Scott's shoes on the top left and yours in the top center... that is cracking me up that he has a billion and you have 3. ha ha.

Jeanne said...

I love the "after" of organizing projects! Good job!

The Borden Family said...

Looks so fantastic! Spring cleaning is fun for everyone! I was imagining a space bigger than that for your sewing. Way to go!

joelb said...

so where do your keep the Pringles in the newly organized sewing nook?

Brad said...

Pringles! Joel beat me to it. I wonder if Lori counted on getting harassed so much after this post?

Your garage shots have given me inspiration. That's on my list this summer. You guys may want to try out these bike rack things Joel and I use. They're awesome. Here's a link (lots of organizing left to be done, but still, those bikes are organized!):

Great job. BTW, I am insanely jealous your family always puts their shoes away. That will never happen in my family. Ever.

tiff said...

One word: JEALOUS.

Okay, maybe a few more. The mother's day video was adorbs. Is that the Beatles?