Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old stuff

Scott downloaded the photos/videos from his iphone for the first time ever last week. Ever! He's had that thing for at least two years. It was fun to go through them and remember the good times. Here, remember them with us:

Starting with the most recent: business trip to NYC.

Helping with tornado cleanup in Chatanooga.

Answering a knock at his office door at church.

Ice skating on Christmas Eve.

Lucky Emma gets invited to Dollywood.


Scout field trip to Appalachian Museum.

Treasure hunting in Arkansas.

Lydia dressing up.


Josh went through a major push-up phase:

Remember when I talked about how fast Scott is?

And finally, Lydia at two-and-a-half years old.


Laura said...

So fun! Lydia has grown so much! ha Eliza is honored to make the Cruze blog with her shenanigans ( OK I have no idea how to spell that last word. You will have to sound that one out. ha ha)

Allen said...

Why is Santa shooting Emma?

Brad said...

That is one seriously scary looking Santa.

Anonymous said...

Tanner said... She sings better than me!

joelb said...

that's how i'd imagine brad would be as a santa.

btw, did josh say if you do it too much then they'll get smaller?