Saturday, May 28, 2011

Virginia Creeper Trail -or- 17 Miles of Family Bliss

Scott's 7th time
Emma, Ben and Josh's 4th (remember?)
Lori and Lydia's 2nd (remember?)
Afton's 1st

Afton had her doubts for the first few miles ("I want get out!"), but once she made peace with the fact she was going to stay in the trailer for awhile she warmed up to it and had a good time, even laughing by the end. Frequent breaks to get out and play on the playground and climb on the rocks helped. Lydia wanted to try out the tag-a-long this time, so she and Josh took turns between that and sharing the trailer with Afton. Josh is quite decided that he will be practiced enough to ride his own bike next time (he did not enjoy taking a turn in the trailer).

Here's a recap:


Troy said...

i have to admit my first thought on seeing this post was "what? they did that bike ride this time of year? (with all the rain, cold weather and..)... oh wait. It is almost June. Where is our sun?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Love it, love it, love it!! I liked hearing the kiddies making their comments---especially Josh loving riding the trailer with his Dad. :) Lydia's comment about loving the mud. It was all great and looked like so much fun!!! What a great family tradition.

From the film, it didn't look crowded, either. Is that true? Did you have the trail to yourselves?

Troy said...

You film/slide show skills are awesome, btw. I wish you had been out here yesterday to capture Dan and I's heartwarming day of watching soccer on TV and then eating some mac and cheese. We're going to call you next time!

julie said...

great, great job on the video...loved the narration by kids. good job also in getting pictures of you in there!

Brad said...

Troy, that's a film I would love to see. I loved to see yours too Lori.

Sarahie said...

Oh, this looks so fun! Someday I want to do this with my family. Maybe you can be our tour guides?