Sunday, July 17, 2011

You know by now...

...I love the beach.

This year was no exception.

Lydia's first year to discover boogie boarding.

I was afraid she wouldn't like getting sandy. Silly me, she loved it.

By the third day these little jellyfish were washing up by the dozens.
On the forth day one of them stung Afton when she picked it up out of the water.
After an tense, crying twenty minutes or so she was fine. No one got back in the water though.




Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Great photos!!! Talk about fun in the sun and surf---you had it all. Only thing missing was a picture of you, Miss Lori. :)

PS - love the drip castles.

Jessica said...

You know, Emma is becoming so beautiful. I mean I've always thought so, but especially in that last picture.

She could be a family reunion t-shirt model or something. :)

joelb said...

wow. i've never known anyone to pick up a jellyfish like that.

speaking of big-A, did you get my photo text?