Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creatures haunting beds

When Lydia was younger (and sometimes still) she used to have regular nightmares about some type of bug or animal being in her bed. One night we heard her screaming (screaming) and ran in to find her leaping to the ground in an all-out panic and wailing, "There's a dog in my bed!!" with a terror in her eyes that let us know her dream was 100% reality to her. Similar scenarios repeated over the course of months (years?); spiders, ants, snakes, you name it.
None of our older children ever had recurring nightmares (though Emma had incoherent night-terrors for years when she was little). But for some reason Afton has begun to have the exact same creature-in-the-bed scary dreams that Lydia had. Afton often wakes up repeatedly for a few hours, each time convinced that she has a visitor in her bed, sobbing and pointing out where she saw them.
Last night Afton dreamed about mice, fish, crabs (we were at the beach...more on that later!), spiders, then mice again. It was a long night.


Jenica said...

but after you calmly explained that her fears were irration and her sightings phantom, did she not just go immediately back to sleep and rest easy til morning?


Laura said...

Oh Poor things! That would be so scary.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Does this mean I need to set up a cot beside her bed when she sleeps over on Thursday so I can scare away those spiders, mice, fish, and crabs before they get into her dreams? I'm so sorry---scary dreams are the worst.

Sarahie said...

Wow. I hate it when they have bad dreams. Owyn woke up the other night crying for me, but couldn't tell me what was wrong. When she had finally calmed down and was a little more awake, I asked her what had made her cry. She said, "Um....I wasn't crying Mommy."

Silly me. =)