Sunday, July 24, 2011

Metcalf Bottoms

Perfect summer fun; we joined Langfords, Sextons, Ebberts and Smiths catching fish and crawdads, skipping stones, floating on tubes, building rock dams, digging in mud, icy cold water. Scott was so jealous that we went while he was at work. We'll be headed back with him before school starts. I love you, Smoky Mountains.


joelb said...

ahhhh! where are the life jackets?! are you all crazy?!!

you should see how i freak out about every little thing when i have kids in the canoe with me.

Jessica said...

I love that place! We went last summer with some friends and had a blast. You're so right, perfect summer fun!

And I love that picture with everyone holding up their colorful tubes. Where did you get them?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I agree with Joel---where are the life jackets?!?! Or is that river two feet deep? Still!

But, having said that---what a fun, great time! I love each and every picture, but hey, doesn't Miss Afton just melt your heart to pieces with that adoring mug? Lydia's pix is a close 2nd!

Julie G. said...

How fun! we went last year and it was a blast. Catching the tatpoles were amazing and SO cute!