Friday, April 27, 2012

Can you handle one more about Josh's birthday?

Lucky kid, how did he score three whole posts??

Josh had a Pokemon birthday party. We've had some hyper, crazy kids at parties before, but this time took it to another level. I was endlessly grateful that it was a nice day. After one game indoors, we decided to bag the rest of the planned activities and sent the whole brood outside to run and yell off their energy. Best move ever.

Pokeball cake (thanks, Beth, for the spherical pans!)

Elbow tag

Pin the tail on the pokemon-whose-name-I-forget

As part of their take-home stash, each kid got his very own pokemon card.


joelb said...

those sphere pans are great -- so many possibilities.

saturn... eyeball... uh, charlie brown head.

Troy said...

How did u get those cool cards?

The Borden Family said...

So clever...Loved the "goodie bag" and very own pokemon card. Jake is showing it to everyone. Happy Birthday Josh!