Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lori - Marathon

Because 26.3 would be ridiculous . . .

Lori finished the the Music City Marathon this past Saturday. She ran the whole thing (except when she was giving out hugs along the way). I have to say this was impressive on many levels. Let me name a few:
  1. She ran straight for 26.2 miles
  2. It was hot
  3. She felt sick
  4. Her legs were tired . . . can't understand why
  5. All of the time in preparation that she diligently put into it (you should see the training schedule that she marked off day by day).
  6. The confidence she had to do something hard that she was afraid of. In more than one conversation she talked about the fear of failing. Having to stop running during the race.
This represents the culmination of several months of training and devotion and it was a significant event for her and for us. We loved watching her succeed and fulfill the potential we knew she had inside her.

As I watched Lori run yesterday I couldn't help but think that she approaches marathons the same way she approaches life. That includes her devotion to the Lord and her family. There is a daily steadiness and stick-to-it-ness that doesn't stop regardless of how easy or hard the next step is. She doesn't stop loving, caring for, and reaching out. And all with a vision of getting to the finish line with everyone there.

We love you sweetheart!! Great job!


Kacey said...

way to go lori! this is so awesome and inspiring. congratulations!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Not sure what is better, you marathon success or Scott's loving post. Both are amazingly inspiring. Love you guys. Proud of you Lori.

joelb said...

your enthusiam for greek military history is truly something to behold.


Brad said...

So so proud. This is an amazing achievement. And man Scott's really quite the whip cracker in that video. Geez let her take a break, Scott! :D

Troy said...

That is so fantastic.. congrats!
Nice cheering crew!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

OK, I'm a Mom, but I'm crying right now just watching the video again, and reading Scott's beautiful tribute and post.

I am soooooooooo very proud of you, Lori! I say ditto to what everyone's said here--congratulations! Well done!! Simply amazing! So proud! (again)

Thanks, Scott, for all the text updates during the race and for posting this.

tiff said...

You made me tear up.
Lori, I look up to you more than ever. You just keep kickin' it up.

Ryan said...


That is so awesome! I am in complete awe! You rock!

Beth said...

Maybe instead of the "Hard Core" shirt I was going to make for you, I'll make a "I'm friend's with Lori" shirt for me. This video made me tear up-you worked so hard-you are awesomeness, just sayin'.

Kammy T said...

Totally amazing accomplishment! I'm so impressed!

lisa said...

Thanks Scott for posting this! Lori is truly amazing (:

The Borden Family said...

Whoo hoo! Great job!

julie said...

You did it, you did it! I knew you could!