Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making a zombie movie

The triplets spent a couple of days with us while Lisa and David helped out at youth conference this year. The kids decided to make a zombie movie. I love creative endeavors like this, they did they entire thing by themselves...all I did was give permission to cut up an old shirt. They worked on it pretty much for an entire day: hair and makeup, filming with a quick break for lunch, editing, and done. I took some photos of them in the process and then got to see the final product after dinner that evening.

Undead, but happy

Not a zombie, or even in the movie, but wanted to get
her face painted too.

The scientist

Makeup artists

The detective. With a sword.

Zombies break for lunch.

The finished project:


julie said...

great job kids!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow! Well done. (but a little scary)

Maybe Uncle Brad could hook them up with some big movie producer in Hollywood. Brad knows people.

Thanks, kids!!

Brad said...

Kid zombies=adorable. I love it when a small girl coasts out of the garage just as Emma is being devoured.

Brad said...

(on her trike). "la-de-da, normal day--ZOMBIES!!!"

Anonymous said...

This is tanner- I remember this and it was so fun to do me and connor wanna make another one!