Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet Professor McSmarty-Pants

At long last the gig is up and one of our kids needs glasses.

In reflection, I can't believe we've made it this long without a kid getting glasses. It's so surprising (given Scott's bad vision and my near-blindness) that I panicked a little and intensely quizzed Emma and Ben on how well they can see things...the board at school, the tv, the leaves on the trees? Both report no problems. Whew.

Josh's problem came to light during the last week of summer. He was on the couch reading when I wanted him to see something on the tv, "Hey Josh, check that out," I said. I watched his face as he turned it toward the screen and immediately squinted.

20/50, says the eye doc.

I had pretty much the best time ever watching him try on all the different frames. The very first ones he picked up were a large, round Harry-Potter-esque pair. "Yeah, let's get these." I persuaded him into trying on, you know, more than one pair before making a decision. In the end he probably tried on close to twenty, and came home with a winner.

The number one thing he notices and is glad he can see now is clocks.

He loves them. He is anxious for people to notice them. He looks so smart when he does spelling homework with them on.


julie said...

so cute!! I had no idea!

lisa said...

So he did need them! You know that Sydney has stopped wearing hers....

joelb said...

nice post.

julie, i had no idea he was a genius either.