Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What else did we do this summer?

We read.
A lot.
The boys plowed through the Warriors series, some Lord of the Rings, along with a few other short ones. Emma and I read a couple by Gary Schmidt that we both loved.
For those who like bragging: Lydia was up to reading on level O by the end of kindergarten...that's 3rd grade stuff. The book she's reading in the photo is waaaaay beneath her.

Speaking of smarty-pants, Afton learned how to write her name.

One night we packed up the bikes and scooters and headed to Safety City for some miniature traffic fun.

Poptropica was the website of choice.

There were only one or two asthma flare-ups.

The boys took Emma down.

Emma made some Harry Potter wands.

At the father-son campout they shot off these 2-liter rocket things.

Scott's work had take-your-kids-to-work day. Ben and Josh attended, but Emma was booked for a babysitting gig that day.

I can't remember this lady's name (Joni?), but she has a show on DIY Network and hung out with the kids for part of the day.

That's pretty much it. That and swim team, which I never did get any good photos of. I do have some of the end of season party though, so stay tuned. (Plus first day of school stuff. Boo.)

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joelb said...

love the chair-share photo. i've seen that sooo many times, starting with our two oldest. did the younger ones learn by observing or is it instinctive?