Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And then there was March...

Another month gone already? That doesn't seem likely, but then wait, here we are: April. Let's see, what did we miss...?

Emma's middle school orchestra was in a county-wide competition where they played two rehearsed songs on stage, then went to a back room and sight-read one song. Guess what? They totally got perfect scores on all three songs and won. Sweet! You can't really see Emma in this photo, but she's third from the end of the row, more or less in the center of the frame. You can just see the top of her head and her black-tighted leg. I considered going right up to the stage to get a better shot, but no one else was doing that, I don't think it was cool.

Emma's not the only one who played basketball. Josh played on a league at the Y and loved it. Right now basketball is the only sport he's really interested in. It was a lot of fun to see his ball-handling and shooting improve over the season.

Yellow-shirted, snarly-faced kid is all, I'm going to block that shot.

Not a chance.

Fourth annual mother-daughter overnight book club. Best tradition ever. This year we stayed at a very frilly, doily-encrusted house in Cookeville and read a way better book than last year.

For two mornings in a row, Lydia filled her pajamas with three large stuffed animals and went around telling everyone about her triplets.

After a blustery, snowy start to our spring break we finally had some weather worth going outside for!

Ben is such a handsome young man...

...until you realize he and his sidekick are going to kill you.

The little girls are not deterred.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Oh my goodness! These photos are fantastic!!! I don't think I can even pick a favorite.

What GREAT memories for the month of March.

Your kids are just too, too cute!!
(and your sisters and your mother) :)

Troy said...

Maybe some Jane Austen next year to go with the encrusted doilies?

tiff said...

That last pic is AMAZING!!!!

Brianna Fisher said...

I love the pictures! And Lydia is cracking me up!

Laura said...

Do you think if I enrolled Eliza in the mother daughter book club people would believe me?Perhaps you could read "Llama Red Pajama" one year? That looks so fun!!!!