Thursday, April 18, 2013


My mom had a very clever idea. She wanted to get some photos taken of her with all of her granddaughters before the oldest heads out to college this summer. (This was easy to arrange since all the girl cousins live in town. There will have to be air travel involved if my dad ever wants to do a big grandson shoot.)
So she called up Brianna (who took these for us last year), and she did a fantastic job. All the girls gathered at Grammy's house and got their smiles on. Check them out. I'm so glad Mom wanted to do this; I love the idea, it seems like a commemoration of sorts of all the fun activities they've done together over the years.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Ahhhh, Lori. Thanks for posting this. I was thinking the same thing---reminded me of all the "grammy days" I've had with these girls over the years. You said it perfectly. :)xoxo

joelb said...

old news. mom already blogged it. so one hour ago.