Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did I mention the Costco fieldtrip?

Afton goes to two preschools right now. "Real preschool" (the one that's you know, real) and "friend preschool" (the one we co-op with some cool friends).

Awhile back the friend preschool took a field trip to Costco. When I called to set it up, I told the lady my sister-in-law had lots of good things to say about a Costco field trip they did in Albuquerque. The lady took it as a challenge and made all kinds of promises about how much better ours would be. She must have gotten caught up in the moment, because a lot of the things she mentioned did not come to pass (like $10 memberships for our group), but I'm not here to complain. She did give the kids badges, took us behind the scenes in the bakery, handed out cookies, pushed the kids around on a flat bed cart, and scored us a pizza lunch at the end. We may have to see if Samsclub can step up to the plate next.

(all poorly-lit phone pics, sorry)


julie said...

super cool! Lucky kids!

Yo Mama said...

You had me at Costco. I wish we had gotten a ride on the cart! Sounds like a blast! (though I wouldn't expect anything less from my favorite super center)

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What fun!!! Love the pictures---especially the close-up of Afton with her own Costco badge. Oh and the one with the shower caps on. Super fun.