Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Recap, mostly from instagram

Emma went to girls camp for the second year. I missed not being a leader there this time, but the ones that were there are awesome so I knew she was in good hands. Also, I got to go up with Scott for Bishop's night, so that was good. Love these girls.

Finally, after years of mediocre results, our garden has been thriving. These three have been the biggest hits so far: cucumbers, carrots and peas. I tried making pickles for the first time too, and I'm told by the pickle-lovers in the family that they turned out great.

We've been wearing out our Dollywood season passes this summer. It's extra nice that many of our friends got them too, so we've been able to mix it up with different friends.

One time after we'd been there all day it started to rain. Not just a little, torrential downpour type rain. Afton was not the slightest bit deterred.

We had a month chock-full of Cruze family reunion activities. (More on that later.) Katie, Noah and the boys were in town from Albequerque so we made the most of it with dinners out, Metcalf Bottoms, talent shows and s'mores.

We got a basketball goal at the beginning of the summer and it's been a hit. Many evenings find the kids and Scott playing around the world or horse.

We got to go for a sneak preview of JumpJam a couple of days before it opened (thanks to Katie's connections). The kids enjoyed flipping, running along the walls, and jumping in general. Good times.


julie said...

thanks for the recap! busy!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Fun post! What fun, busy July!

Congrats on your wonderful garden. I'm envious of your peas. I need to grow those.

And I don't know if I put it in my personal history, but I used to can pickles with my Aunt Barbara every year. My mother made pickles, too. But it was such a treat to do it with my aunt somehow. Didn't seem like work when I did it with her. :)

lisa said...

Fun to read and look at! Makes me realize how much I need to take more pictures :)