Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twin Arches Hike

We like hiking. It's funny, because Scott and I rarely-to-never went hiking in our early years, which is a real shame since we lived in Utah and were surrounded by tons of beautiful places we could have gone, with even more beautiful places just a few hours drive to our south. But all told we probably gave it a go two or three times.

Then somehow a few years back, gathering up all the kids and hitting the road for a day trip hiking became a thing. Last year our big road trip contained four hikes on all its own. Now our tradition it to find at least one new hike to do each year.

This year it was Twin Arches. This is a hike Emma and I have done part of a couple of times at Girls' Camp, but no one else. The drive to get there was trying, let's just say we arrived at the trailhead with a different battery and alternator wire than we left home with. But once we arrived all went well.

The kids loved climbing on boulders, descending the super-steep steps and arriving at the picturesque arches. They especially liked walking on top of arch #1 and going through the little cave behind arch #2. After enjoying the arches, we felt adventurous and set out on the six-mile loop so Ben could pass off a scouting requirement. The length was a challenge for the little girls, but they made it with only minimal piggy back rides. The gnats were a challenge for us all, but we made it with only minimal nose, ear and eyeball invasions by our little friends. Overall it was a great day, we'd do it again.

Scott's figured out how to use his phone's panorama option. Cool!

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The Borden Family said...

Oh, with the panoramic view I see an arch now.... what fun!