Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a spot to think

We moved this past weekend. Unpacking was really fun the entire first day. The next day it had lost its lustre but still seemed a worthy use of time. Now it is a thorn in my side. Everything essential is in its place but at least three rooms still have STACKS of boxes in them and we regularly can't find something. I keep getting too busy with normal day-to-day stuff (dishes, keeping the floor clear of toys and books, laundry--ugh! I need a whole new system here, as soon as I have time to figure that out I will) to finally finish unpacking. Then I get busy with unpacking and fall behind with the regular stuff. Did I mention the monkey underfoot all day? Then there's the growing list of things this new house toilet paper holders and blinds. All the while I've got other things, not day-to-day, but not related to the move, that keep popping up in my mind and making me frantic when I try to figure out when I can devote some time to sitting down and thinking about them (like Girls' Camp, tick tock, it's almost June and we haven't even started planning the food!). Then there's the parade of workers who've been in and out all day fixing little things that weren't quite right. All of this adds up to make me nearly crazy. I have got to figure out a way to eat a sprinkled Krispy Kreme donut without anyone seeing me and asking for one.


Stahlemobile said...

Ha Ha Ha. I do that too. "How can I eat this treat with no one demanding a piece of it!" Tricky tricky.

Good luck with the new house!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Don't forget that if you don't purchase 1000 lbs of wheat in the next month your whole family WILL starve to death!

DailyFamily said...

The only thing I like less than unpacking is packing. I can't believe you moved AND you are doing stuff for the school. Super Mom!!