Monday, April 14, 2008

Another birthday gift shirred top, this time with matching mini-tote

Happy birthday, Anna!
I've got to make Emma one this week. I think I'll use this fabric since her new favorite colors are green and yellow. For many years she loved pink best. Then just a month or so ago she made a comment that maybe pink was a little bit babyish. Suddenly she's too grown up for pink. Well, she hasn't disbanded it all's just "okay" now. She has been very deliberate in choosing green and yellow things whenever possible, but I can tell she still has a slight longing for pink things...perhaps mourning her separation from the color that took her through so many years. I don't know yet if it will stick. I think so though, Emma is a decided girl.


DailyFamily said...

Ooooh so cute! I'm going to invite you to Tal's birthday. :)

cally said...

so cute lori!