Thursday, April 24, 2008

I forgot to mention the dry ice

Part of storing the wheat in those nice big buckets involves dry ice (you have to put it in the bottom of the bucket, then put the wheat on top, then let it all dissipate--there's a correct term for that, I can't remember it--then seal the buckets). We ended up with a lot of left over dry ice. So we put a few pieces in some glasses and called the kids to the kitchen for a nice glass of smoking lemonade. (It looked much better in real life than in the photo.) Emma and Ben thought it was cool, they remembered that a family in our ward does that every year at the trunk-or-treat. Josh was moved almost immediately to tears when we showed him his glass. With despair in his voice he entreated, "I don't want that! Can I please have some lemonade with no smoke?"


Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey, we are about to do the same thing...just as soon as I buy some buckets...did you guys compare there a BEST place to get the food safe buckets?

So cute that Josh is afraid of the smoke...I most definitely think that you better hold your boys off on watching Lord of the Rings.

andrea said...

Hi Lori! Cute blog. I'm such the sleuth. Practically Nancy Drew, finding you in blog land!

Hopefully I will see you tuesday!

Lori said...

Andrea- so nice of you to drop by! How did you??

Alice- you'll have to ask Conan about the buckets. He bought a whole bunch and we bought the ones we needed from him. I can only assume he compared prices. :)

andrea said...

I heard about Cally's love of fabric. I share that love and was determined to find her blog. I figured we had to have a mutual friend somewhere. And then I found you! I'm wondering how many other of my friends have blogs I don't know about.