Monday, April 28, 2008

Shockers Softball

Sports are in full swing around here. Ben is playing soccer. Emma is playing softball. Scott is coaching both of them and playing in two adult softball leagues. Lydia and I are engaged in wrestling matches during the aforementioned sporting events. She's winning.

Here's Emma before her last game in her brand new purple jersey. Scott has a matching one too. Gender-stereotypes are in full swing around here also, when Josh saw Scott come downstairs in his jersey he busted out laughing and said, "Ha! Purple!" They named their team the Shockers.
She really wanted me to take a photo of her in a batting stance.
I really wanted one of her smiling.


DailyFamily said...

tee-hee...that's too funny! (I totally relate to the wrestling match!)

Alice Wills Gold said...

That smile with those braids are priceless...I need to find a good softball league for my girls, so that I can coach a sport that I actually know.

The league over here plays like 5 times a week....can we say, a tad bit much?

Stahlemobile said...

She is sooo cute!