Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 and 4

Here's a fun photo tag, courtesy of Andrea.
Play along if you like taggy-bloggy games...

Go to your fourth photo file and post the fourth photo in that file.

For me that takes us to June of 2005. The fourth photo in that file was Ben on the beach:

He was three and half. I can't believe how young and positively chubby he looks (compared to his growth-spurting, bean-pole self these days). The beach was the Isle of Palms (where else?) and we were there with all of Scott's family.

Now that's a cute shot of Ben having fun, but I had to also post the third photo in my fourth file because it's one of my all time favorites:

This is the same vacation, a little less enthusiasm. Kay took this shot of Ben over breakfast one morning early in the week. He had gotten sunburned the day before and his cheeks got all puffy (almost hive-like), and they hurt and he was still a bit cranky from waking up and was simply not having a great day so far. And this was how he expressed that to his photojournaling grandma. He has always been a serious kid, but not usually quite so somber.


DailyFamily said...

You go to the beach so much. This landlocked family is very jealous (especially the parents who grew up close to the beach!!)

I love that second picture! It is like a picture from a Life Cereal commercial.

Lori said...

It's definitely our favorite vacation spot for little kids. Plus, it's within driving distance and the entertainment is free!

andrea said...

How sweet.

Mr. and Mrs. Pike said...

what a sweet boy! i'm so glad you found me. now we can catch up on our lives for the last 10 years! hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Wow-- i would have never recognized him!
btw-- are you really just down to the 2 baby names now? When do we phone in our votes?

susan said...

He looks so much like Andrew in these photos!