Friday, October 3, 2008

Lydia is cute

Looking cute.
Pondering her own cuteness.

Coughing in the face of those who question her cuteness.

Accepting some cute wildflowers from Emma.

Showing off her cutest smile-for-the-camera cheese.

Thanks, Troy and Dan, for enhancing her cuteness with her new fall outfit.


Nanette said...

I totally agree! She sure IS cute!
(but what else can you expect with such parents?)

Ryan said...

Totally cute. I love the outfit!

I'm looking forward to seeing the next cutie, as well. Afton's a good name . . .

Barnes Family said...

that outfit is so adorable! i love it.

cally said...

for real Lori. She's so cute.

tiff said...

I love it. You crack me up, Lori.